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Charity work

Helping the Flood Victims

COMMAND Property Services prides itself in giving back to the community. We carry out community projects from time to time.

The recent most comprehensive project we undertook is to raise funds for the Flood Relief work in Sri Lanka after the heavy rains at the beginning of the year.

A major landslide on the mountain of ‘Aranayaka’ came crashing down on a village on the mountain as well as the foot of the mountain. It took around 3 lives that we know of and wiped out the whole community. We identified 38 families still living in a tended village on the ground of a school nearby.

Along with our sister company ASC Services, we met with the local government bodies and provided rations to the displaced families and also school items to the 15 kids in that community.

Having a few dollars left over from the distribution of items, we identified an elderly home in ‘Dunagaha’ and provided afternoon tea to 65 elderly mums and dads who have been left there to live their final years in the mercy and kindness of strangers.

COMMAND Property Services supports local community projects and emergency services through the purchase of raffle tickets, advertising and sponsoring of community projects.

COMMAND Property Services Is proud to participate in such events and projects.

Charity work

Helping an Elder’s Home

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